The ECO-READY project will develop an Observatory as the essential source of information providing real-time assessments of the European food system. The Observatory will be available as an online platform and smartphone app to society, policy makers, the scientific community and the agri-food industry. It will gather information from a network of 10 Living Labs, supported through the third-party funding process, covering all bioclimatic regions in Europe. Through ECO-READY’s early warning system and AI-based decision support tools, the project will be able to address both immediate problems and long-term challenges, while ensuring that society’s interests are reflected in future policy-making and raising awareness of agri-food products with reduced climate impact.

Project Website:

Funding Source: Horizon Europe (Grant Agreement No 101084201)

Project dates: 01.12.2022 – 30.11.2026

Budget: € 14.948.450,00 (IPL budget: € 641.375,00)

IPL Role: Partner (Observatory Development)