eeRIS: electric energy Residential Informational System

Project ID: Τ1ΕΔΚ-04045

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The issue of energy saving has received over the years significant focus by the scientific community. Still, after the substantial research on the issue there is still a lack in the market, regarding respective tools and solutions that could assist the electric energy end users in comprehending the nature of their consumption, and subsequently achieving energy saving.

The eeRIS system strives to fill this gap, offering at the same time to a Greek SME the opportunity to enter the respective market segment. More specifically, eeRIS will be able to offer detailed information to an electric energy consumer, correlating his/her consumption to the use of specific household appliances. At the same time, is will create a personal demand profile for the consumer, assisting him/her thus to obtain an optimized personalized tariff from the respective producer. Moreover, eeRIS will also be able to detect contingencies in the power distribution network, and notify accordingly the respective network operator. To that end, eeRIS will be based on the Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring paradigm. Within this context, eeRIS will comprise a single panel meter, and will utilize powerful algorithms to provide the expected results by the respective measurements. Finally, secondary objectives will be fulfilled within the scope of the project, such as the design and deployment of a pilot, in order to fully evaluate the proposed system, and the conduction of feasibility studies, in order to support the exploitation of the project results.

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Funding Source: Partnership Agreement 2014-2020

Operational Programme: “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation”

Project dates: 04.06.2018 – 03.06.2021

Project Budget: € 797.650,00 (IPL budget: € 250.710,00)

Role: Technical partner

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