Research & development projects

ISSEL has been active in engaging in competitive Research and development (R&D) projects from various funding bodies. Specifically, ISSEL has been active in EU, GSRT as well as vendor R&D contracts.

Ongoing R&D projects

CultureID – Internet of Things, Robotics, Big Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence in Culture
Conceptual Fashion Product Design Assisted by Artificial Intelligence
eeRIS: electric energy Residential Informational System
VITAL – Versatile Internet of Things for AgricuLture
SITIES – Elderly Support through Smart Devices
TekTrain: Combining IoT and Robotic Technologies in Educational settings towards Interactive Application Development
Relief – Intelligent Repeaters and Robots for Fast, Reliable, Low-Cost RFID Inventorying & Localization
REMEDES – Reflexes Measurement System

Past R&D projects

IoT broker-based remote robot management (collaboration with Tero Ltd)
CIA – Design and Development of a Continuous Implicit Authentication methodology based on the interaction of end-users with touch screens
Mobile Age – Co-created personalised mobile access to public services for senior citizens.
SEAF – Sustainable Energy Asset Evaluation and Optimisation Framework
RAPP – Robotic Applications for Delivering Smart User Empowering Applications
S-CASE – Scaffolding Scalable Software Services
CASSANDRA – A multivariate platform for assessing he impact of strategic decisions in electrical power systems.
ASSIST – ASsociation Studies assisted by Inference and Semantic Technologies (IST-4-027510-STP).
Agent Academy – A data mining framework for training intelligent agents.
NOSTRUM-DSS – A Coordinated Action for Sustainable Water Resource Management in the Mediterranean.
INTERBULL Quality Service – A tool for controlling quality in National Genetic Evaluations.
MUMMY – Mobile Knowledge Management.
AMNOS II – A software system for managing veterinary units and keeping animal herdbooks/registers.
PENED – Generalized Framework and Applications for behaviour and intelligence evaluation of software agent in multi-agent systems.
eTHMMY – A software platform for the electronic support of all the educational activities of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aristotle University. eTHMMY was developed under the EPEAEK II national program.
HRAKLEITOS – Advanced data-mining methods for knowledge extraction in biological databases.
ERGASIOGNOMON – A Prototype for Advanced Digital Services Designed and Developed to Support the Job Marketplace.

For more information concerning older R&D projects (funding source, dates, amount, role) visit the following webpage: Old R&D Projects.

Internally funded R&D projects

SOCIOTY – Low-code programming for the Internet of Things
THE ROBOPACMAN PROJECT – Robotic, IoT, and CPS concepts, along with Web-based components and Model-driven Engineering principles, towards implements a modern remake of the famous Pacman game.
R4ALZ PROJECT – A neuropsychological tool used for the assessment of cognitive control abilities, performed in collaboration with Alzheimer Hellas, Thessaloniki and Laboratory of Psychology, AUTH.
NAO4ALL PROJECT – Creation of graphical applications for the NAO robot via Automated Software Engineering
PANDORA ROBOTICS – Robotic-based search and rescue applications