Nostrum DSS

Network on Governance, Science and Technology for Sustainable Water Resource Management in the Mediterranean. The Role of Dss Tools


Acronym NostrumDSS
Title Network on Governance, Science and Technology for Sustainable Water Resource Management in the Mediterranean. The Role of Dss Tools
Funding Source European Commision – INCO Program
Dates 8/2004-7/2007
Amount €15.600
Role Partner

European Commission, FP6, Specific Measures in support of International Co-operation – Mediterranean Partner Countries (INCO-MPC), 2004-2007.


This Co-ordination Action aims to contribute to the achievement of improved governance and planning in the field of sustainable water management, by establishing a network between the science, policy, and civil society spheres, by fostering active involvement of the relevant stakeholders, and through the development and dissemination of Best Practices Guidelines for the design and implementation of Dss tools for IWRM in the Mediterranean Area.

Project description

The Mediterranean basin is characterised by a strong heterogeneity of cultures, economies and societies that often implied problematic interactions. It is one of the areas where water resource scarcity and conflicts between different water users are more dramatic. The need and relevance for sustainable integrated water management strategies is therefore clear. Policy makers have not yet exploited the great theoretical potential of Dss tools to apply the principles of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) to manage socio-political conflicts over competing demands for water uses in different environmental situations. Extensive evidence suggests that their potential is often not exploited for various reasons, as lack of communication between scientists and policy makers. A need for reorientation of science to support policy making and for the adoption of multi-sectorial and multi-disciplinary approaches integrating socio-economic and environmental considerations is evident. NOSTRUM-Dss will address this gap by approaching the analysis of needs expressed by stakeholders belonging to the various Mediterranean countries, directly involved in the project activities and by fostering mediation between policy objectives and scientific knowledge to create an environment appropriate for a more equitable and efficient water resource management in the basin.

The key objectives of this Co-ordination Action are:

  • to establish durable links between scientific institutions, governments, NGOs, SMEs and other stakeholders and improve public awareness on water management;
  • to improve scientific knowledge and applied methodologies in IWRM;
  • to promote the development of suitable Dss tools built upon real needs of policy making in IWRM

For more information

Visit the project website, or contact Dr. Ioannis Athanasiadis.