proteinBioinformatics provide all the tools and methodologies to support the need for computation and knowledge extraction of biological data. Research in this domain aims at performing an analysis of genetic/genomic information in order to predict or precisely determine biological functions. For this purpose, many sciences from different domains are combined, such as Genomics, Informatics, Drug Design, Molecular Biology, Statistics, Phylogenetics, etc.

ISSEL’s focus

ISSEL is vividly interested and active in exploring:

  1. Protein function prediction systems through data mining methods
  2. Innovative techniques for multiple sequence alignment of genes and proteins
  3. Data mining and information extraction methods in genetic and medical ontologies
  4. Marker gene selection, classification and robustness testing environments for microarray experiments
  5. Grid environments for protein classification
  6. Protein molecular dynamics simulations
  7. Quality control and data assessment in genetic evaluations through data mining techniques
  8. Veterinary databases for monitoring genetic improvement


ISSEL is involved in the following projects related to Bioinformatics:

  • ASSIST: ASsociation Studies assisted by Inference and Semantic Technologies
  • INTERBULL Quality Service: A tool for controlling quality in National Genetic Evaluations
  • HRAKLEITOS: Advanced data-mining methods for knowledge extraction in biological databases
  • AMNOS:An integrated software framework for managing Veterinary Units

Contact Person

For any inquiries or comments about ISSEL’s activities in the area of Bioinformatics you may contact Dr. Fotis Psomopoulos.