auctionsThe advent of Internet and accompanying networking infrastructures has significantly contributed to the development of electronic commerce today. As more computational and networking resources become available to the users, electronic transactions move to more sophisticated ways of process automation. Autonomous agents that participate in online trading environments with the goal to increase revenue for humans, represent such an advanced paradigm of process automation. Designing effective bidding strategies for agents that participate in uncertain competitive auction environments, is typically based on the optimization of an objective function of the profit or savings they materialize. As uncertainty increases in the environment, the development of appropriate heuristics becomes a compulsory task for trading agent design.The measurement of agents performance is commonly provided by a benchmark platform, which encounters the clients utility accomplished, as well as the expenditure costs.

ISSEL’s focus

ISSEL is contacting research in the area of agent-mediated e-Commerce that focuses on the following directions:

  • Design of effective bidding strategies for autonomous agents
  • Trading agent benchmarking platforms
  • Online auctions and marketplaces


ISSEL has developed a successful trading agent, under the name MerTACor, which won the 1st place in the 2005 Classic Game and the 3rd place in the SCM Game of the Trading Agent Competition.


ISSEL has been a member of the following eCommerce-related research communities:

Contact Person

For any inquiries or comments about ISSEL’s activities in the area of eCommerce and Trading Agents you may contact Mr. Dionisis Kehagias