treeEnvironmental Informatics (short term: Enviromatics) is an integral part of Applied Informatics that provides methodological support for using computers in order to protect the environment. In this context methods, techniques and tools from computer science are employed in order to analyze, support and establish information processing procedures for the exploration, avoidance and constraint of the degradation and destruction of the natural environment.

A great challenge for Enviromatics is to integrate heterogeneous systems in a distributed Environmental Information System (EIS). This challenge calls for:

  • the creation of new methods for navigating through and processing data,
  • the provision of metadata and co-data (geographical and time references) services, and
  • the overall effective usage of existing data and structures

Thus, Enviromatics will be able to support decision makers correlate knowledge about the environment with social, economic and ecological goals for the future. At the same time, direct services will be provided for citizens and the improvement of their life in the context of sustainable development.


ISSEL has participated in:

  • PENED: Generalized Framework and Applications for behaviour and intelligence evaluation of software agent in multi-agent systems
  • NostrumDSS, a Coordinated Action for Sustainable Water Resource Management in the Mediterranean, funded by the European Commision, under the FP6, Specific Measures in support of International Co-operation – Mediterranean Partner Countries (INCO-MPC), 2004-2007.

Contact Person

For any inquiries or comments about ISSEL’s activities in the area of Enviromatics you may contact Ms. Fani Tzima.