Intelligent Agents

agentIntelligent Agents can be considered as software entities, which enjoy a set of characteristics such as autonomy, communication, mobility and proactiveness. Agents are also capable of exhibiting intelligent abilities and behaviors within the context of agent societies. Multi Agent Systems (MAS) are therefore a showcase of autonomous, intelligent entities which interact in order to achieve either individual contradicting goals (competitive MAS) or a common global goal (collaborative MAS).

Current research in MAS includes autonomous intelligent behaviour, learning, virtual organizations, electronic marketplaces, artificial life, and spans over a wide range of disciplines, from computer science and distributed AI to cognitive psychology and sociology.

ISSEL’s focus

ISSEL is vividly interested and active in exploring:

  1. Theoretical and technical aspects of agent oriented software engineering, including design and evaluation methodologies for MAS
  2. The enhancement of agent intelligent through data mining techniques
  3.  A wide range of applications, including: E-Commerce, Enviromatics, Enterprise Resource Planning, Distributed Resource Allocation


ISSEL is involved in a number of projects related to agent techonogy and applications, including:

  • Agent Academy: A data mining framework for training intelligent agents
  • PENED: Generalized Framework and Applications for behaviour and intelligence evaluation of software agent in multi-agent systems
  • Nostrum-Dss: A Coordinated Action for Sustainable Water Resource Management in the Mediterranean


ISSEL has been a member of the following agent-related research communities:

Contact Person

For any inquiries or comments about ISSEL’s activities in the area of Intelligent Agents you may contact Mr. Christos Dimou.