Software Engineering

umlSoftware Engineering consists of tools, models and methodologies used to describe and manage large software project. As software systems become more and more complex, it is necessary to follow clearly defined methodologies and models to capture and display different types of information on a particular project.

Software Engineering also consists of methods to help predict the duration and cost of a software project, identify and alleviate risks and create repeatable processes that will consistently produce correct, high quality, bug-free and on-time software products


ISSEL is involved in a number of projects related to agent techonogy and applications, including:

  • Agent Academy: A data mining framework for training intelligent agents
  • eTHMMY: A software platform for the electronic support of all the educational activities of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aristotle University
  • AMNOS: An integrated software framework for managing Veterinary Units

Contact Person

For any inquiries or comments about ISSEL’s activities in the area of Software Engineering you may contact Lecturer Andreas Symeonidis.