Sustainable Energy Asset Evaluation and Optimisation Framework

TitleSustainable Energy Asset Evaluation and Optimisation Framework
Funding SourceEuropean Commission – H2020
Participate asAUTH
Dates01.02.2016 – 31.05.2018
Amount€ 1,714,761.00 (our part is ~€ 316,875.00)
RolePartner (Technical Lead)


Currently in Europe, SMEs have extremely limited access to financing for Sustainable Energy Assets (SEA) projects; namely energy efficiency (EE), demand response (DR), distributed renewable generation (DER) and electricity storage. Considering that SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) represent a large part of the EU’s non-financial business economy, this means that a significant opportunity to save money, CO2, and jobs, remains untapped.

SEAF is a two year project that enables investment in small to medium sized projects in Sustainable Energy Assets (SEA) such as Demand Response, Energy Efficiency and Distributed Renewable Generation through a holistic online platform, eQuad, designed to function across Europe. Through the development of this platform, SEAF bridges the gap between contractors and investors in Sustainable Energy Assets (SEA). The platform enables independent project valuation, insurance and design standardisation. This in turn empowers SMEs and other companies to receive financing and implement SEA technology.

The benefits of the project are multifold. The project aspires to increase investment in SEA and create jobs in ESCOs, as a result of the investment coming from the update of their projects. Finally, another benefit of the project is that of saving energy and CO2, by investing on projects employing energy from renewable sources.

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